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Former Hollywood star Tom Sizemore devotes an entire chapter of his tell-all book before drug addiction destroyed his career."In many ways Elizabeth was the seminal relationship of my young adulthood.He assumed he was "some out-of-work British actor". But he says Hurley was adept at having two men in her life and got him to remove his things from her apartment when she knew Grant was due to pay her a visit."I really lost myself in Elizabeth Hurley," says Sizemore, who insists he never really got over the British actress. Hurley told him to stop and suggested they walk her dog instead. "They've been bombed by the Nazis: they're tough."In other revelations contained in the book, Sizemore reveals how he asked Brad Pitt if it was OK to go out with Pitt's former girlfriend, Juliette Lewis. Sizemore said he met and fell in love with Hurley on the set of the 1992 thriller .He was instantly smitten by her "stunningly flawless ivory skin, beautiful voice and charming, throaty laugh".

Sizemore, best known for his parts in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Black Hawk Down," was convicted in August of domestic violence, making criminal threats and harassing Fleiss during their stormy one-year relationship.The 41-year-old actor, who has admitted an addiction to crystal methamphetamine, must first complete a residential drug rehab program that he started last month before beginning his jail term in January.He was also given three years probation and ordered to undergo anger management counseling.I think I was in love by the time I had my second glass."Then she went into the bedroom and came out in lingerie that would make her later outfits in the movies seem tame, and she got on the coffee table and stripped. She knew what she was doing because in the middle of it she looked at me and asked: 'Is it too bright for you?