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from 2000 until now dior homme is one of the best, u cant go wrong with this. it's close to unisex side but it's yet masculine scent. performance good to very good, the projection is great during the first hour. scent:9 longevity:8 sillage:7,5 versatility:7,5 uniqueness:9 bottle:7,5 my vote:9 in one word: sophistication Just wanted to add: 2017 formulation lasts all day on me with 4 sprays, although close to the skin. It's not for everyone for its iris note is very predominant and because of that it gives off a makeup-like smell for a very long time, which might be kinda feminine, yet very classy. I bought it together with my son and for my son who although only 21 he appreciates matures sexy men perfumes...If you're not into sweet fragrances, stay away from this one. In terms of the looking, the juice color is almost transparent. wish my husband loved it too but his signature is the old classic Armani which is fine but too citrusy for my taste This fragrance took a few times for me to appreciate. It smells like iris with a woody cacao base and just the right amount of sweetness to make it pop.Having said that, if I have to choose between this one and Creed Green Iris Tweed, I would definitely go with Dior Homme.

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Overall this is elegant,modern, and even daring and respect it If you have a nose like myself, then YSL M7 absolu will do you well I do get annoyed that fragrances are reformulated so many times Overall 6 to 8 hours longevity, fair projection and good sillage A masterpiece here Very pleasant composition, the notes develop nicely on my skin. So, I would rather smell it on a woman or spray my pillows before going to sleep, rather than wear it myself out in public. People were turning their heads when I walked by on my way to work, in the office it was not obnoxious, it was classy and warming. Plus the hint of leather adds a masculine quality to it. That chocolate smell in the drydown is just so addictive.

The drydown is powdery,elegant and woody and I get some -patchouli,vanillic amber,leather and vetiver. i think dior homme doesnt need more reviews, because for me it can be easily considered an "hall of famer" of fragrance history.