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Yoo Jung is good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side. Everything about this drama have something that got me so HOOKED. I've watched this series several times now hoping the ending would change. It would have been better if it had ended in Episode 14 where Hong Seol finally understands and accepts Yoo Jung. You must watch this drama, i highly recommend this drama!! even if there are some slow events i never got bored .. I have never encountered a protagonist like "Yoo Jung" and hats off to Park Hae Jin for the stellar performance in face of so many real difficulties I would like to give the benefit of doubt to the PD since she has never once botched up character stories (Coffee Prince remains an eternal favourite and is a shining example of a romance well done). That's why I want a season 2 with Baek In Ho's new love interest. Since i do not read the webtoon, i have no idea which things are different with the original webtoon.I've just watch this drama now and i must say it was ao beautiful. I hope they will be reunited and have a part 2 please ?? Just wanna ask why did you leave us hanging director Yoon-Jung?? Even just 1 special episode or movie that commences from the series' ending. The movie version was fine as it can be a stand alone story. @bunny: In ho was the one who's there with Seol when she is on hard times, remember when he made her laugh and stand for herself when her co-workers are purposely using her? Please respect others and don't call them immature just because you think so or you cheered for the opposite pair. i felt a real atmosphere/aura through these events .. i can't imagine someone else except Park Hye Jin for Yoo jung's role or another actress takin' Kim Go Eun's place with Seoul's role! Good thing a movie is coming out and hope it removes the bad aftertaste left for many viewers of this superb superb story! I never had a 2nd male lead syndrome before but the eff! I wanna bitch slap Yoo Jung so damn hard for being fcking manipulative and hug Baek In Ho so very tight to ease all his burden. The characters are well potrayed andthe plot is quiet good. After all the story in the previous episodes, the ending is not as good as what i expect.She completed her high school at the age of 16 and took classes at the University of Maryland, College Park.She already started learning ballet lesson when she was just two years old and jazz and tap when she was four.Mya Harrison who is best known as Mya is a Grammy Award-winning American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, designer, and actress. She used to imitate Michael Jackson in her mother’s high heel boots in childhood.She is best known as a singer for the hit albums she has released such as ‘Mya’, ‘Fear of Flying’, and ‘K. She is mostly known by other names such as Miss Mya, My-My, 10-10, and Smoove Jones.As time passes by, she started to release numerous albums winning various awards.She refers Lena Horne and Liza Minnelli as her role models.

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As she grew up, she signed with Interscope Records and released her debut self-entitled album ‘Mya’.It's like a soulmate and I am so happy that I finally found it. I love the story and everything even the end part ,the only thing that I feel dissapointed was about jung . I can't say i'm satisfied with the ending, at least another episode a proper one or a special clip. I’ve seen this drama while reading some info about him, and hola! From Hong Seol…sunbae to Ji Eun-tak….ahjussi (Goblin), Kim Go-Eun is truly a great actress. Inha by Lee Sung Kyung was great too, crazy, violent chic. Hence why a lot of us a pretty annoyed that the PD and screenwriter swap it with In Ho so that In Ho ends up getting more scene time and PD was trying to make In Ho the "hero". I already watch it more than 4 times i think, and still not bored. It's just so sad seeing their past, when they are friend. I have recently come across material of this shows productjon problems and am saddened that the show was purposefully botched up.Previously Mya was in a relationship with singer and rapper Jay-Z.

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Their relationship didn’t last long so she moved on to Silk The Shocker.because of the ebdinh I've just finished the drama again for the enth time! Everyone in the drama has their resolutions apart from the main characters' relationship and Jung's dark side. And after watching this it became my number one fav drama. I'm so tired of all cliche romance dramas out there. In ho also does everything for Seol the way he could, he didn't even ask her to acknowledge his feelings because Seol will feel awkward and he doesn't want that to happen. Let's all respect, seriously only fans make things worst. I do not know anything about the webtoon so my comment will be just of what I've watched. I also knew where Baek In Ha is coming from so yeah I couldn't be mad at her. In addition, the second lead male outshine the first lead male at some point.All other good dramas were put behind because of this. But this, this drama is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I'm a Yoo Jung and Seol shipper but don't get me wrong, I love how Seo Kang Joon portray's Baek In Ho in here, he gives the character life and it made the drama easier to watch at least for me. out of all k/j/t/ch dramas that i've watched so far (which are countless) this is the best shit ever! First of all, Baek In Ho should have been the lead character! Last After watching Man to Man, I am ‘addicted’ to Park Hae Jin: D He is someone who is remarkable and can’t forget easily.After onwards, she started seeing De Sean Jackson from 2011 which ended up in 2012.