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I notice Siderea is a psychotherapist, which doesn’t surprise me.We in mental health get a pretty good cross-sectional exposure of everybody and get to hear about their lives, and with enough data points the structure comes into sharper relief.Most famous politicians and businesspeople are not of this class and most people in this class are not famous. The three main classes (labor, gentry, and elite) are three different ‘infrastructures’.To be in labor you need skills, to be in gentry you need education, and to be in elite you need connections.Class breaks through in a couple of phrases like “rednecks” or “white trash” or “white collar” or “coastal elites”, but people use the phrases without usually having a broader idea that it’s class they’re talking about. But lower-class people like lower-class culture and generally do not want to adopt upper-class culture, except insofar as it’s necessary to advance. This limits social mobility; you can’t join what you can’t understand. College is a finishing school for the upper classes.They send their children there to learn the proper upper class values and behaviors.After the World Wars, everybody got angry at the Elites for all the war and killing and stuff, which convinced them to lie low for a few decades and forced the Gentry to take over.This was why the country did so well during the 50s and 60s.

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Race is really complicated and will be left out of this analysis. People tend to confuse social class with economic class, eg how much money you make.We talk about income instead and pretend it’s class. It combines the practical superiority of being upper-class to being lower-class (because you have more money and opportunity) with the very dubious value judgment that upper-class culture is superior to lower-class culture, or that lower-class culture is just people trying to do upper-class culture but failing. People mostly understand their own class, and the class one step above or below them, but have only vague stereotypes of classes further than that.There's nothing we like more than a good love story, but unfortunately there won't be one involving singers Adam Lambert and Sam Smith any time soon.

Rumours have been circling for ages that the pair might be dating after Adam posted some snuggly Instagram pictures last year, but really they're just buddies.This is another piece you should read, but again in case you don’t: 1. They work jobs where labor is seen as a commodity, ie there’s not as much sense of career capital or reputation. Its lower levels are minimum wage Mc Jobs, its middle levels are assembly line work, and its higher levels are things like pilots, plumbers, and small business owners. At the lower level they’re schoolteachers and starving artists, at the mid level they’re “professions” like engineering and law, and at the highest level they’re professors and scientists and entrepreneurs. Although you can be borderline-elite by getting a job in finance and making a few million, the real elite are born into money and don’t work unless they want to.10% of people are in an underclass consisting of “generationally poor” people who may never have held jobs and who come from similarly poor families. The stratospheric semi-divine level is “celebrities” like reality TV stars who become fabulously rich and famous while sticking to their labor class roots. The stratospheric semi-divine level is “cultural influencers” like Jon Stewart or Steven Pinker who become famous and (maybe) rich while sticking to their gentry class roots. Occasionally they’ll sit on a board or found a philanthropic association or something.He also answered a fan's question on Twitter earlier this month to say that he hasn't recorded a duet with Smith – but if they changed their minds, we reckon it'd sound pretty incredible.

Adam Lambert and Sam Smith are. Rumours have been circling for ages that the pair might be dating after Adam posted some snuggly Instagram. 2016 at 3 48am PDT.… continue reading »

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