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21-Dec-2019 02:11

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Are you waiting sitting around binging a Netflix series, stuffing popcorn in your face and waiting for your soulmate to show up all dressed up with flowers and a box of chocolates ready to take you on the most magical date of your life?Maybe you’re getting all cute before you go to work and seemingly strolling the streets but actually really aggressively looking for potential mates as you judge everyone walking past you…I know that if I met my husband 5 years earlier, it NEVER would’ve worked. because I know I had to go through all of those experiences so that I was able to recognize him as my soulmate and allow myself to receive the love I deserved. Does he or doesn’t he like me shouldn’t be such a hard question to answer! I remember when I was younger and dating someone I thought could’ve been ‘the one’ and talking to my friend and saying “How do you know? And as it happened, I had dreams telling me it was the wrong relationship and I just didn’t want to listen. BE EXCITED- It Could Happen Anywhere, Any Time Now, I don’t mean you should sleep in your makeup and have chocolate chip cookies baking in your oven 24/7. What I do mean is that in your body, in your soul, own the energetic space of “OMG!All the experiences you are going through right now is working out perfectly so that you can meet your soulmate. Know that and know the same thing is happening for him too. Divine timing and meeting your soulmate always makes a perfect story for the family and the kiddos down the road! You Can’t Just Be Sitting And Watching The Bachelor ALL DAY!!! You are probably not watching The Bachelor ALL day… how often are you just watching The Bachelor or indulging in some other guilty pleasure shows (#Gilmore Girls), scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat dwelling in other people’s lives. If the answer isn’t clear to you- don’t stop and analyze it for hours and hours, keep it moving until you ‘know’ or have a thought to take an inspired action. Wouldn’t it be nice if today was the day I met my soulmate?

Although I am now happily married to my main squeeze Josh, I remember that being single was HARD. Not to avoid aloneness, but because you are destined to be in a partnership. I remember saying that I liked certain things and I would become an expert in concepts that I was SO uninterested in just so I could keep a guy’s attention.Ashley loves to talk about love and manifesting while drinking lemon water from a mason jar.Ashley has an office in Greenwich, CT and sees clients virtually.To determine your best match, we take your profile and match it with what you're looking for in a partner.

Matches are based on over 50 profile attributes using our scientific algorithm.

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