Updating maps on garmin c330 wap dating msn

14-Dec-2019 10:32

My question is has anyone updated the maps on their C330 yet?

I am wondering if it goes on a SD card or if it updates/overites the old map on my unit?

Using the Map Install it says the Storage is full and 0KB space available....

When I go into the client status screen, it says my unit has a total of 1GB of space so I would think a 17.1MB map would not overload it.

I needed an SD card and here is a thread here that explains how to do it. If the lower 48 is larger than a gig then it won't work.

Under that and it should work but Motorcycle Mama knows a lot more than I. I went ahead and bought a 2GB SD card, they are cheap as it is () and even if this does not work, I would have other uses for it.

updating maps on garmin c330-41

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Not sure how they are working if it has an incompatible map format. Seeing that error message at the Garmin site caused me to instantly think NT vs non-NT without even taking into consideration the current map used by the OP.

I can see some of the new people getting frustrated by reading here that 3xx series can't do something then being told by Tech Sup that it can. I came by the 2010.10 maps and I have the Street Pilot c330...

I have tried multiple ways with Map Source and Map Install and it just refuses to update, I always get the message "The required memory for storing maps is missing from your GPS." I get that even when choosing a small local area map, not even a full state.

From what I have been reading from this great site, the maps are outdated.

updating maps on garmin c330-65

dating for uk only

I sent an email and within a day they told me I would be getting my updated maps in the mail within a month or so.

Just curious if it is possible to do a limited install on it which I did last time.