Updating listbox from code behind

22-Dec-2019 05:52

Gets or sets the Data Template used for the List Box sub-component UI Element of the Attachment Editor control. When defining the Data Template, the Binding Properties that developers usually want to use to control the behavior of the List Box sub-component of the Attachment Editor are based upon those in the ESRI. The attachments are stored in the backend database of a Feature Layer on an Arc GIS Server Feature Server. The code example in this document demonstrates Binding a simple Button’s Command Property to the Feature Service. Delete Property to delete attachments from the Attachment Editor and the Feature Layers Feature Service backend database.

The List Box sub-component UI Element typically has implicit Binding to the Properties of the ESRI. The default Attachment Editor will display a hyperlink and a delete button (via a red X) for each attachment associated with Graphic feature in the Feature Layer as a List Box item. How to use: When the Map loads click on a point feature in the Feature Layer to select the Graphic.

If only the superficial appearance of the Attachment Editor Control is desired to be modified (i.e. Then developers can delete/modify existing or add new sub-components in Visual Studio to create a truly customized experience.

The easiest way to modify the UI sub-components is using Microsoft Expression Blend.

Would this work if I had to extract data from a table in a database? I've databound all my list boxes, and so, how would I be able to run a query based on the last list box's value?

Also, should I give value tags to all the items in the drop down and search the table to populate the 2nd dropdown based on the selected value in the first?

You can use data binding to load and manage the items displayed in a List Box control.

When using data binding, you specify the collection of items to fill the Combo Box by setting the Items Source property. Note: you cannot change the core behavior of the sub-components (i.e.See the following screen shot that depicts the two core parts of the Attachment Editor Control. There are six Attachment Info Properties: is the name of a Feature Service. Note when no source is specified for the Binding, it is implicitly implied that it is the Feature Service. If developers desire to use Data Binding to other objects they will be responsible for specifying the correct binding source. Then use the Attachment Editor to add, delete, and download files.When the user selects an item in the Combo Box, the corresponding object is updated to refer to the selected object.