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22-Jun-2019 17:59

On the app side it’s very good, but on the device side it can be less ‘sure’ that it’ll work.But the rule of thumb is that if it worked with the KICKR it’ll work with the KICKR SNAP.For those familiar with the wheel-less KICKR, those hardware changes are likely instantly apparent by just looking at the new 0US KICKR SNAP.Now before we get started – Wahoo doesn’t see the KICKR SNAP as a replacement for the KICKR. It should be first noted that I’ve had a pre-production KICKR SNAP for quite some time now, and have been riding it through various beta iterations. The software and hardware I have isn’t final, and as is mostly the case these days around here – I’m keeping in-depth reviews for final iterations (hardware/software).But the implementation itself is slightly different in that the Wahoo design has a longer handle, versus the Tacx design having a bit more of a paddle.Here’s how it looks in the closed position: The KICKR SNAP, like the original KICKR, does require power.It’s here Wahoo has made some improvements to the power cord.While the original KICKR’s power cord was fine, I love the new quick secondary attachment piece on the KICKR SNAP, as it prevents a possible breakage point if you trip over the cable.

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The KICKR SNAP is essentially a lower-cost version of the original (and enormously popular) Wahoo KICKR, with a few minor tweaks.For example, various readers kept on swinging by the DCR Cave over the last 5-6 weeks, causing me to scurry to fold it up and stash it in the closet. Back to using it though, the unit has a lever on the side that acts as a quick release.It’s functionally similar to the quick release on other trainers, like the Tacx series has had for a while.Since I’ve been iterating through multiple beta cycles, I’m just going to focus on the most recent test ride – one done just this past evening.

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