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18-Feb-2020 18:44

updating a sql recordset using php-43

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Open Recordset("TS_Addebiti_Documenti Emessi", db Open Dynaset) num Doc = Forms!

Is Incassato = (IIf(Incassato = vb Yes, True, False)) rst Doc Emessi!

Open Recordset("TS_Documenti Emessi", db Open Dynaset) Set rst Add = Current Db.

Open Recordset("Addebiti", db Open Dynaset) Set rst Add Doc Emessi = Current Db.

You use Recordset objects to manipulate data from a provider.

Hi Again; I tried RS("\`Unique\`")=1 this time visual basic generates an error 3265 : Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. Well my main problem here is that I don't have VB for to test your code, but sometime ago I tested My ODBC/ADO/VC and I used a class which uses the ordinal position of the columns, also I think that the below syntax is valid: RS. We have no problems when inserting or updating a table that has no reserved words in the fieldnames. Existing applications that reference the outdated ADOR.Recordset Prog ID will continue to work without recompiling, but new development should reference ADODB. There are four different cursor types defined in ADO: Note To execute a query without using a Command object, pass a query string to the Open method of a Recordset object.Could it be that older versions of the ODBC drivers will not have the same problem??? Open "DRIVER=; SERVER=oracle; DATABASE=test; UID=root; PWD=root; OPTION=3" Set rs Test = New ADODB. Open "SELECT id, `default` FROM reserved", cn Test, ad Open Keyset, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Text rs Test. Earlier suggestions to try escaping the field name in VB are wrongheaded; ADO and ODBC are supposed to handle all that.

updating a sql recordset using php-14

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I just downloaded mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12, and I am still seeing the problem. Re-opening this old bug -- we need to figure out how to resolve this (and there are later duplicate filings). Connection, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table rs.

This error is generated on the actual RS("\`Unique\`")=1 statement and not on the RS. We are currently trying to decide if we should migrate our application from access Jet to either My SQL or MSSQL DBMS.

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