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04-Sep-2019 16:41

RELATED Does Dating You Mean Dating Your Girlfriends, Too?Being a woman in show business (or any business for that matter) can be a challenge.Even though we were seated right next to them, we had no idea what they were up to.Speaking very quickly, gesturing wildly, and giggling in agreement, Tina and Amy managed to create a spectacular skit in only minutes.You’ve seen their work together on SNL and in the movies—these women are each other’s head cheerleaders.

(If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching on You Tube.)In an attempt to lighten the mood (since I started getting teary-eyed writing my last entry), I’ve decided to share my last bit of insider information about Tina and Amy. The "feud" all started a few years ago during a quick joke Fey made while hosting the Golden Globes. Fey took the video, originally about another pop feud between Swift and Katy Perry, and reworked it for the show.Jon Stewart announced that one of the live auction items was to “spend a date night as the new best friend of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.” The next thing I knew, the bidding began and I raised my hand high in the air.

Cut to minutes later, I found myself onstage at the Beacon Theater—with another winning bidder and my new best friends Tina and Amy!Because of my personal relationship with autism, I shared our son’s story of recovery. As I smeared the gloss on my lips with the wand that had just touched both Tina and Amy’s lips, I secretly hoped that their brilliance might rub off on me.We talked about the ongoing need for autism education as more and more children are being diagnosed. And when Tina overheard me saying that I wished I’d brought my own lip gloss, she generously offered to share hers with me. Only two months later, it escalated when Swift first began to fight back against the media (and perhaps by implication, Fey specifically) for regularly putting her not-so-abnormal dating life being under heavy scrutiny.