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21-Jun-2019 02:08

Practical experience and research studies have produced outstanding results leading to a full validation as a pedagogic method.

Another point worth mentioning is the difficulties presented by traditional evaluation systems (notes) vis-à-vis the complex interaction of playing. On closer look, validation is an endorsement, even a guarantee that a person has specific skills.

There should be clarity at the inception of a project to monitor quality, qualifications and eventually the validation of results including the impact in the qualification of teachers, trainers and facilitators.

Below I will attempt to analyse the proposed ideas from the perspective of our KA 2 project “Learning Games”.

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We were presented with new proposals that have stimulated further discussions.

"My skills", a project presented by Martin Noack within the Bertelsmann Foundation developed a set of cards that combines pictures and texts in different languages and can be used as the basis for a conversation about abilities and competences in a particular field of work.

The system is extremely flexible and can be used in many ways.

This situation in adult education differs sharply from the psychological and pedagogical methods applied in elementary education, where today playing and games are an integral and entirely valid part of the learning process.

Recognizing the value and effectiveness of play, as an educational method was a process initiated at the beginning of the last century.It promotes an entirely different approach, away from questioning, using a nonverbal and non-invasive method in a playful form.A person reflecting about his skills can make a picture of the proposed skills for himself, or better, to put himself in the picture.Open Badges is another approach that appears to be taking ground in informal learning, particularly in the area of training and coaching.

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