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She said that we should not expect the march toward democracy to be linear.Yes, we may have setbacks, even regression, but we must not lose sight of the end goal, and never forget from where we came.According Freedom House, in 2017, average levels of political rights and civil liberties have trended downward for the 12th consecutive year.The Democracy Index 2017 of The Economist notes similar erosions in freedom, tolerance and democratic trust, affecting every region in the world.My second suggestion is that we not limit ourselves to criticizing and denouncing authoritarian abuses.

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It is not easy to cope with this problem, as nationalism is a powerful ideology.We should support countries and leaders who are making courageous choices in challenging circumstances; this brings me back to Slovenia.Your country is one of the most solid democracies borne out of the collapse of communism.And so today, knowing that nothing is inevitable, we must not take the progress we have made for granted.

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Instead, we should take determined steps to further solidify democracy and the universal values on which it is based.The World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2017-2018 observes the same democratic setback, especially regarding respect for fundamental rights, the independence and the effectiveness of the justice system, the constraints on government powers and the fight against corruption.In some countries liberal democracy has been eviscerated, and even in strong liberal democracies, the rise of xenophobic populism threatens free movements of people, goods and services, social, political and religious tolerance, and individual and minority rights.When I was your age, as a student at the beginning of the nineteen seventies, the future for democracies did not seem promising at all.