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Rent-A-Center currently operates over 3000 locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. I am reaching out to every avenue I can about my current RAC experience.Although originally founded in Wichita, the corporate office is now located in Plano, Texas. Right before Christmas, I went into RAC to gain on the 20.17 deal they had advertised.Sorry RAC you have officially lost my business !!!! I,m not the only one that’s complained on this store. When I got home and hubby hooked it up, shortly afterward he noticed there was water coming out from underneath the unit.Reply last month I bought what was susspose to be a new dryer at your Skowhegan,maine office. “B/S”, its an amana that only one cycle works but takes forever to heat. We quickly put the bottom half of a tote under it so as to collect the water.

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I spend thousands of mine and my husbands hard working money to try and have nice things and this is what they give us !! Seriously something needs to be done and my walls need to be fixed and my merchandise needs to be replaced ! I am assuming previous renter either didn’t return it or was defective.He called during the entire game and disturbed my opportunity to watch their VERY FIRST GAME EVER. He even stated “looking through the Windows is a company policy and he was within his rights to do so to make sure our merchandise is still in the home” I told him that is illegal refer to G. It is illegal to, knowingly or unknowingly, peer into the room which is occupied by a person which whom you do not have their consent to be doing so. They have no right to be staring through my Windows.My daughter was terrified beyond belief, and instead of the employees and leadership of this company apologizing, they blamed it on me, became upset and was extremely rude and inconsiderate.I returned the unit as it was just a temporary fix. Reply I’ve been a customer of RAC since before they changed their name to RAC.

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