Sex during dating

04-Apr-2019 11:34

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Dan Sheehan, a 27-year-old writer in Los Angeles, has felt a palpable shift in the dating world over the last six months compared to the last time he was single two years ago.When the bill comes on a first date, he doesn’t jump to grab it first.Out of curiosity, I've spent a lot of time researching this topic, and there are a few things I fail to understand.

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When it comes to understanding men, it’s similar to what’s called Cat-string theory: If you dangle a string above a cat it will go crazy to get it, but once you drop the string and let the cat have it, it won’t be bothered anymore. If you use sex as your bait, don’t be surprised if that’s all he wants you for!

Think about it: Why might a guy get angry when you tell him you want to wait another couple of dates before jumping into bed?

So the rule is, never judge a man for just wanting to have sex with you.

All this being said, you should never get wrapped up in the idea of using sex as your power with men.

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Because once you see sex as the only card you can play, he’ll notice that and then guess what?

The reason is actually because denying him sex will give you a good indication of what his intentions are and how he sees you.

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