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If you want to read about all the new sex offender-related laws and bills from the 2017 session, including those not listed below, go to: PASSED: Act 267/Senate Bill 32This law requires a Level 3 registrant to notify a K-12 school’s administration in writing at least 24 hours before the start of any school-sponsored event for which an admission fee is charged or tickets are sold or distributed, if he or she will be attending that school-sponsored event.

It does not matter if the registrant is the student’s parent or guardian—advance notification is now mandatory.

The good side is a precedent has been set, and registrants may get included—it’s up to all of us to work for this goal. 506/House Bill 1663: Arkansas has enacted a much-needed law setting up “Mental Health Specialty Courts”, to address prison overcrowding.

ATAT’s input was crucial in getting requiring the registrant to be accompanied by an off-duty policeman or a hired security guard—and that the registrant would have to pay all the costs.

Again, it might have caught a few young people who are just dating.

means a bill can be put aside, and lawmakers can come back to it later; in politics a bill’s deferral is often a “kiss of death”.) This bill called for a sex offender whose victim is a family or household member, to be sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment of 25 years.

While people convicted for the first time of almost every other crime have a legal chance to start life anew, for the present registrants are pointedly excluded.

First-time convicted sex offenders cannot have their records sealed or expunged. It kept getting passed over, bypassed, and ultimately ignored. 538/House Bill 1175This law requires lifetime registration on the Arkansas sex offender registry for a person convicted of rape when the rape involved the use of forcible compulsion.ATAT moved early, quickly, and successfully to help that mandated offenders who used force in committing rape, but had completed their sentences and been relieved of their obligation to register, be put back on the sex offender registry! Act 423/Senate Bill 136 This law creates the Criminal Justice Efficiency and Safety Act of 2017.This is not a victory for us, but we have hopes—more research, more pressure from groups like ATAT, and more pressure from registrants and their families can tip things in our favor.