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07-Mar-2020 05:55

When you game Albanian women from a traditional family, there is one thing you need to know.If she has a one night stand with you and everyone finds out, she can lose not only her reputation but also her family!But this country that is located north of Greece and just 72 km (45 miles) from Italy (across the Strait of Otranto) is beautiful and special. Albanian girls have Mediterranean looks with a strong Turkic influence.You can find blonde women from time to time but olive skinned and dark hair is basically what you get. Most of the Albanian women are skinny with medium sized breasts.But those things are very rare today, I just want to present you how Albanians lived in communism. Albanian girls in neighborhood countries are a little bit taller but darker.

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This can be a lot of fun for you also, acting like you need to hide from the rest of the world adds a certain sweetness to your relationship.I heard that Albanians don’t approach at places like this (TAO nightclub).They say that you need to befriend the guy first and get him to introduce you with his girlfriends.If Albanian girls are very good at keeping secrets from their family, so why do you think she is going to be honest with you about those things? If your goal is to get as many women as you can, skip this country.

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