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20-Jan-2020 21:47

She might even say that after you do what she wants you can finish and she gonna give you more or "extra".

One other thing, if she says my "cousin" what she almost always means is girlfriend...romantic girlfriend.

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In fact if she does steal from you, call the cops and don't let her leave.

If she calls you the next day, next week and says that she really needs to pay her rent.something...

She has already sized you up and has figured she can maniulate you and con you, and run game on you.

How do you know if the person you're with is really turned on?

What would you do if someone gave you 0,000 and told you you could either keep it yourself or share it with another family with financial difficulties.

Absolutely never give a tip if she asks for one..conning you..don't fall for it.

You will always have to pay for the hot and lickable babes to drop their pants for a loser like you, and I mean this in a good… continue reading »

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