S2u2 clock not updating

08-Dec-2019 02:54

s2u2 clock not updating-21

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With fake-hwclock installed your machine will not start up thinking it is 1970 all over again.

When your machine boots up it will set its clock to the timestamp fake-hwclock wrote during the last reboot/shutdown.

Router(config)# clock summer-time EDT recurring Router(config)# *Mar 27 .459: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock has been updated from EST Sun Mar 27 2011 to EDT Sun Mar 27 2011, configured from console by console.

Router# show clock detail .271 UTC Sun Mar 27 2011 Time source is user configuration The time now appears to be authoritative (the asterisk has been removed) and the source of the timing has been changed to "user configuration." The novice could be forgiven for assuming that the router's clock is now correctly set.Many networkers underestimate the importance of keeping accurate time on all devices across a network.This is particularly true among smaller companies without strong IT policies.Each NTP server assigned a stratum of one higher than the upstream device with which it is synchronized.