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I have made to provide the most accurate information.My initial purpose for this page was to give credence to my wood working experience and there was a natural overlap into other areas.Above four pixs of our "Pop" William Porter taken between 1934 and July 4, 2007. The table had plenty of usage over the years by Pop and anyone who challenged him to a game of checkers.

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There is a special Love for one's Mother of which it is hard to find words to convey that message, but I certainly let her know that I loved her and have no regrets in that area.The table could use a make over; e.g., sanding and refinishing, but I plan to leave it as is.Pop was an excellent player and I rarely won a game of checkers with him since he could see about 3 more moves ahead of you all the time, however I won the first game ever played on this table.I have made my share of sling shots using automobile tire rubber, old shoe leather tongues and forked prongs with dogwood being my favorite.