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I covered my knees and shoulders at all times — except when biking. I only even once bought liquor in my town, and when confronted about it said, “I’m baking creme brûlée”.

(Total lie, but no one ever questioned it.) I was also very, very, hesitant to be friendly towards men for fear that they’d mistake my American friendliness as a sign of flirtation.

It’s quite normal of PCVs to spend most of their time in the capital where attitudes are much more relaxed and liberal.

Since travelers spend most of their time at the same hostel the PCVs stay in it’s quite the place to find some action.

For two years, I lived in Madagascar as a Peace Corps volunteer.

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Some of my friends who did their Peace Corps service in countries of similar a situation often had group orgies to relieve their needs.In Armenia, I’ve known one case of a PCV of the group ahead of us also marry a host country national.For the most part, it is difficult to date or “hook up” with an Armenian local since gossip can spread like wildfire in small communities and end up damaging the PCVs reputation.NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals by connecting, engaging and promoting its members and affiliate groups as they continue to make a difference in communities in the U.

Join RPCVLA to stay connected and support Peace Corps community. Stay up to date with the latest updates from our group and the broader Peace Corps.… continue reading »

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Jun 23, 2014. As a female Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar, Jessie Beck faces. “lowest lows” and most challenging points of my service, they have little to do. That is, until I started dating another volunteer in a town four hours away.… continue reading »

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MNRPCV is the Minnesota organization for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. We meet to socialize, perform community service, assist members with. by the MNRPCV Board of Directors and includes up to date information on your favorite.… continue reading »

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Jun 19, 2014. As a current PCV about to finish up my service or, as we say, "about to C. O. S" and reflecting on my past two years in the Peace Corps, I know.… continue reading »

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Dec 2, 2016. Dating, Relationships, and hooking up while in the Peace Corps. period but once we are sent to our sites it tends to end due to the distance.… continue reading »

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Oct 25, 2011. With only 10% of Peace Corps Volunteers being married when the enter service stat link, the idea that the remaining 90% of us would pair off.… continue reading »

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