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25-Dec-2019 10:31

In light of this meeting the responsible officer should decide whether the breach is undermining the contract to the extent that they need to apply for a Parenting Order or whether to persevere with the contract.

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The parents will be advised that if a contract fails the YOS can apply for a free-standing Parenting Order and that a court would take account of how far the parents had complied with the contract.

The young person will have been assessed using the Asset tool and an additional parenting assessment will have been triggered.

That assessment will have identified the need for additional parenting work.

The parenting contract is used where a parent is reluctant to engage in a voluntary contact agreement or would benefit from a more formal arrangement.

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A parenting contract may also be used where a young person has been referred to the YOS having been identified as someone who is likely to engage in criminal conduct or anti-social behaviour, for example via the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions Panel.

Where a Parenting Contract is being considered the parenting officer will consult with other agencies working with the child or young person or carers to ensure that the proposed work complements, rather than conflicts with, any existing interventions.

This is a contract between parents and child detailing the days that child is allowed to go on a date and the time that child is required to be home.… continue reading »

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