Otzi carbon dating

17-Jan-2020 23:35

The viability of those soils, in relation to vegetation growth, being affected by the remnants of long-buried underlying structures leading to subtle, but detectable differences in plant chlorophyll endowment.Sarah Parcak has previously been very directly involved in archaeological investigations utilising space satellite remote-sensing.

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Sarah Parcak was initially reluctant to become involved in a hunt for archaeological evidence of the Vikings having been in North America when it was suggested to her by the BBC.

D., and which is accepted as having only been occupied for a few years, features the remains of eight buildings together with evidence of iron-working and boat repair.

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Researchers from University College Dublin, looked at nine fragments of leather from Ötzi’s clothes and quiver, and were able to identify the species of.… continue reading »

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Deter-Wolf and colleagues tracked down a carbon-14 date from a sample of lung tissue from the El Morro mummy as well as the published carbon-14.… continue reading »

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