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The import of music and musicians for dance and entertainment grew, and this continued in the 20th century, even more so when gramophone records and radio became common.

In the last half of the 20th century, Norway, like many other countries in the world, underwent a roots revival that saw indigenous music being revived.

Much has been learned about early music in Norway from physical artifacts found during archaeological digs. Viking and medieval sagas also describe musical activity, as do the accounts of priests and pilgrims from all over Europe coming to visit St Olaf's grave in Trondheim.

In the later part of the 19th century, Norway experienced economic growth leading to greater industrialization and urbanization.

Folk music in Norway falls in another 2 main categories based in the ethnic populations from which they spring: North Germanic and Sami.

Traditional Sami music is centered around a particular vocal style called joik.

Traditional North Germanic Norwegian vocal music includes (kvad), ballads and short, often improvised songs (stev), among the most common types of traditional music.

Work songs, hymns, tralling vocals and old printed ballad stories, skillingsviser, have also been popular.

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(125,097 sq mi) excluding Svalbard and Jan-Mayen), but even so its music and its musical life are as complex as those of most other countries.Norwegian folk music may be divided into two categories: instrumental and vocal.As a rule instrumental folk music is dance music (slåtter).It is only to be found primarily in the western and central part of the country.

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Norway is a rather sparsely populated country in Europe 5 million inhabitants in an area of some 324,000 km 2 125,097 sq mi excluding Svalbard and Jan-Mayen, but even so its music and its musical life are as complex as those of most other countries.… continue reading »

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