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(According to one theory, all babies are born with synesthesia, but most outgrow it as the circuits separate.) Many “synnies,” as they call themselves, perceive letters or days of the week in color (Monday is automatically red, for example; Tuesday, always blue).Some “taste” shapes; others read numbers as personalities ( a fashionable woman).

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They took him off the drug, and when she saw the child again the following night, he was calm and cooing.Mainly, I just want to reach out and help people.” a fashionable woman).The conjoined senses often result in amazing memory recall.Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri, a facility so respected that patients are transported here from around the globe. As Pohlmann stood by his crib, trying to calm him down, her head started throbbing—so hard she found herself wanting to bang it against the wall to stop the pressure.