Match com profile not updating

22-Apr-2019 05:18

As such, some of the comments (which I have preserved) bring up points that I have since addressed in this revision.

Right off the top, you mentioned that you and he have agreed to be exclusive.

when we talked a little while ago, you said we’re exclusive… ” (I would listen for if their answer is a clear “yes” or if it’s some vague, weird, wishy-washy response…

in which case, I would interpret that as a not-yes and assume that you are definitely NOT exclusive and assume he is indeed acting accordingly…) If he says yes, I would go on to say: “OK, good, that’s what I thought. we live in a time where everyone can see everything that’s going on online with people.

If you installed WSS without MOSS, you would see the profile (again, accessed through Welcome user My Settings page) with about 3 properties. Well, two MOSS Timer jobs per Web Application apparently control the replication.

If you install MOSS, do an import, and go to the WSS profile, you’ll see a bunch of properties added that MOSS adds. If you want to add property values to your profile, you need to go to your MOSS profile from your My Site (My Site Details). If you take a look at the Timer Job definitions (Central Administration - Timer Job definitions), you’ll find jobs called Profile Synchronization and Quick Profile Synchronization.

Scenario : User name paulpa has a change in the Title From “Support Engineer” to “Support Engineer 2” If we Go Active directory Users and computer and select the user as paulpa Click on Organisation tab and if we view the Title section we see In the Profile details it has an updated Title as “Support Engineer 2” as below If we logon using the credentials of Paulpa and then go to My settings as below You will see the details of the user as below ( Details stored in the User Info table) which is not updated as expected https://paul-moss/_layouts/“There are actually 2 user profiles – one is a WSS profile and one is a MOSS profile.

They are access from People Search or from a link off of your My Site.

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