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She also claims to be good at manipulating people and is notorious for being habitually rude towards the customers in the diner, especially if the customers are proving to be annoying. Max is nice and caring and apologetic to people when she hurts their feelings.Max is also very wise, as people go to her when they have problems.She sees him as the father figure in her life, as her real father is not even aware that Max exists.Earl has supported her cupcake business from the start, and is proud of her often.In the last episode of season two, their friendship is put to the test when they have a conflict about Max's happy meal toys.The big argument is in the back room (soon to be the new Max's Homemade Cupcakes), where Max tells Caroline off for having her indirectly break the toys.In the fifth episode of season two, she pays for a new shirt for Earl's son so he could be proud. Max pokes fun at Han every chance she gets, she makes a short joke at his expense in nearly every episode.

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Caroline then reciprocates by saying "I love you" back, and the two reconcile. Beginning as friends, but after a couple of awkward moments consisting of a celery, a horse, and Max's boobs, Max attempts to kiss Johnny, only to find out later that Johnny has a girlfriend called Cashandra, a British woman.

Max and Deke met on their first day of Pastry School, after both laughing at something Chef Nicolas - their teacher - had said, they ended up in the hall outside the classroom together.

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