Leeteuk and taeyeon dating

29-Apr-2019 13:52

But when someone else uses him and talks about him on variety shows, he tweets immediately and disses them: "Stop talking about me and stay quiet if you have no other stories to tell.Makes me realize that my image is made by those closest to me.

After going through life and death and miraculously living, Kyuhyun still shows up to dance practice as the maknae so that he doesn't bring harm to the group and all because he brought his waste pocket with him, the members didn't think to support him but nag at him about it smelling?His father's post to Kyuhyun: "And after you woke up, the first thing you wanted to do was participate in Super Junior's second album no matter what because you didn't get to participate in their first.And with your waste pocket wrapped around your waist, you attended dance practice only to hear from the other members that your waste smelled. Leeteuk indirectly ended up hating on Yoon Jong Shin who's also a variety star and musician, as well as contradicting himself since he's an idol and a variety star.

- The famous Kim Yuna scandal, which he used on variety shows by talking about it and getting Yuna hate.

This post does not necessarily agree that she is indeed a bad leader but simply examines why she is perceived to be one.