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There is quite an age gap between the couple, but Stephanie appears to be in it for the love, standing by her man through health issues and other family drama.Cena’s white-bread image is also one that easily lends itself to an equal partner, for what is Superman without his Lois Lane? Destroying everything in his path, it might be a fair guess that Brock Lesnar scares away more women than he attracts.Though he’s had some trouble in the past with an expensive divorce, Cena has since re-found love and companionship within the confines of the sport he loves, getting a second job along the way through a co-starring role in his now fiancée’s reality show. Of course, there are also some ladies that find this sort of destruction to be quite a turn on, and it’s not that surprising that certain former WWE Women’s Champions would be of that ilk.This adds up to what most people on the dating scene would call a “catch,” and as such, most of the men and women of WWE have beautiful wives or dashing husbands at their sides in their personal lives.