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That means they somehow need to be associated with one or more views (as opposed to being linked to a managed bean, for instance).Up to this point, however, there was no facility for associating extensible, non-rendering metadata with a JSF view.The assignment is declared by referencing an element of the It's hard to say which feature is the most important, but bi-directionality is certainly the most unique.

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And like form inputs, view parameters are also processed during faces requests.The primary building blocks of this support are view parameters and a pair of UI components that produce bookmarkable hyperlinks.Both features incubated in Seam and, therefore, should be familiar to any Seam developer.One application can link to a resource in another application in lieu of having to duplicate its functionality.

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In fact, the request may be coming from a legacy application that isn't even web-based.

In that case, you'll likely be plopping the user into the web application somewhere in the middle. When you visit a blog, do you start on the search screen to find an entry to read? More times than not, you click on a link to view a specific blog entry.

Oct 29, 2009. JSR-314 JavaServer Faces JSF 2.0 demonstrates a strong. steps from retrieving the request value to updating the model, they do not.… continue reading »

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Even though I did not specify a redirect, the changing of the URL gives the impression that a redirect takes place after the status form is.… continue reading »

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