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19-Feb-2019 15:55

He told me that other employees had mentioned it too. In the workplace, intimidation is generally perceived as a set of behaviors that implicitly threaten or pressure people to get them to do what you want.[1] It is one of many influence behaviors — what people use to get others to do certain things.

there (it might be hinted at in the main story beforehand, but it's not a mandatory fight at any point and its direct involvement in the plot may not extend further than the player seeking it out to kick its ass because they can).

Contrast Skippable Boss, which is (as the name implies) possible to avoid entirely, but is probably going to end up being fought if the player takes the most intuitive path — in other words, it is fought by default.

A Bonus Boss is well out of the way, and fought by default.

Compare Secret Character for hard-to-find Player Characters.

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A Bonus Boss that is a boss from a previous game is a Legacy Boss Battle. Diggins, though he offers up nothing but bragging rights (and EXP, if you're looking to grind).The Bonus Boss is a type of Optional Boss that serves as an added challenge to the game.Like the Secret Character, they typically aren't strongly connected with the main plot of the game, as their defeat isn't necessary to complete the story and they require quite a bit of conscious effort to find.A Bonus Boss that drops useful items may lead to Unstable Equilibrium.

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The Bonus Boss is a type of Optional Boss that serves as an added challenge to the game. Like the Secret Character, they typically aren't strongly connected… continue reading »

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