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12-Mar-2020 08:52

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This reminds me of this incident two years ago where a friend’s friend, Kev, who is a spiritual practitioner, located me in a very busy locale in Hong Kong by way of my aura—during peak hours no less. It got to a point where I questioned my femininity. Rita thought for a while, and said, “I think that might be true for other girls.(I was in Hong Kong then for a business trip.) While my friend Fenix was getting ready to text me and check where I was, Kev simply told him, “No need. But for you Jie, I think it’s more of a case that guys are afraid you would hurt them.” While my immediate reaction was to burst out laughing because the thought of that happening sounded so ludicrous, I immediately stopped to think right after.

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I felt sad and conflicted because it seemed that I was making myself increasingly unappealing to men by virtue of every step I took in my career and growth.Believe it or not, even though I was trying my utmost ability to intimidate guys, I would still wind up intimidating them anyway, through no direct action of my own. (I later found out from a common friend that he is highly averse to strong female characters, which would include me.) I thought one reason for the unwitting intimidation could be my height, which is 1.7m—taller than the average Asian girl. I was chatting with my god-sister, Rita, while I was in Hong Kong, and she said something that made me see the situation in a different light.Another reason could be my talking speed, which is faster than the average person. I had always thought that the solution to my guy-intimidation problems was to shirk my character, dumb myself down, and/or work on my appeal as a woman…I then turned my passion into a full-fledged business (Personal Excellence) which now earns me more than my previous job in P&G today, with 95% of my income being passive income.

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Today, I write at PE to a half-a-million readership every month. Since my early 20s (I’m 28 at this point of writing), I’ve been regarded as a “power woman”.I can understand the source of these comments, for I’ve achieved certain noteworthy milestones in my life.Hence, I’m frequently singled out by others for my accomplishments and for being a driven and “fearless” person.

How to Look Intimidating. by Harvey Michales ; Updated September 28, 2017we want a woman we cannot be a wimp. Looking intimidating to other men means hands off.… continue reading »

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Being intimidating to other people can make you look like a heartless bitch. They write you off as conseated, snob, just because you act differentky and do things. but how to look more approachable, I can't fake myself ! Falling Man. •… continue reading »

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How to look intimidating. 1 Have short hair or be study has claimed that men who wear red are considered more threatening to people since red is a color that most people associate with danger.… continue reading »

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