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16-Jun-2019 09:21

Businesses can, for instance, create ads to direct new fans to a Facebook page, ensure that more users see certain posts or send viewers to their websites.As with most pay-per-click campaigns, businesses set a budget for how much they are willing to spend over a set period.Businesses don't actually need a Facebook page to advertise on the site, but the owner or whoever is managing advertising needs a personal account to create, manage and pay for ads. Next, Facebook wants to know what your ad should link to.

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All these options are worth experimenting with, but for this demo we will focus on advertising a website. Facebook ads consist of a simple 25-character headline and a 90-character description, plus a thumbnail photograph.You also can direct users to a company Facebook page or promote other pages you or your business has created on Facebook, such as events or places.Once you've selected where your ad should link to, decide what you want to accomplish.For small businesses, Facebook can be a logical place to experiment with paid advertising without the risky investment of a lot of time and money.

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