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First I have kissed her lower lip and then locked her upper lip . We used to talk about sex,watched the same porn ( she in her home and me in my flat) and used to extend our talks about those porn movies. I had messaged all her body, pressed her boobs, inserted my finger in her pussy. I could feels cold water from shower flowing from my head and hot fluids flowing out of her pussy.

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After some formal introduction she resumed talks with her friends as I was enjoying her beauty Next day I had parked my AVENGER bike in parking araa and I have seen her struggling to park her scooty, She lost balance i was at 25 mts distance and I ran towards her. I appreciated her beauty and she blushed We talked for some time while we were reached office.stated with walls of her vagina, drank her fluids and I ate her pussy. My dick was aroused after blowjob, I have trouble in inserting.We applied some lubrication and tried was about 6.5 inch and only half of it went inside. I have slowly and gently rubbed all those tears with my face. plan was to go for sightseeing in evening but it never happened.I have pulled her away as her scooty fell on my legs, I have controlled and didn’t fell down mean while I was holding her with my left hand. that day i went to her place at he same time I saw her going to tea with her friends yesterday and asked her to come for tea with me.

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She came to balance her scooty which was resting on my legs,as she took her scooty she has touched my dick and it was in full erected state. She readaly agreed and we have become more close from that day. Then In middle of our Journey I said my left hand is paining as I have to hold clutch and ask her to give some message.

This city has introduced me some unexplored facets of my life and made me realize how romantic I am.

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