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24-Apr-2019 17:33

Caption: Alexa Hamilton rumored girlfriend of William Moseley (2008-2010).Similarly, in the year 2010, William was paired with the Mexican actress Antonia Ortega.Well with so many relationships before and after, the gay accusation one can precisely say the video got made for the entertainment purpose.Thus William is of straight sexual orientation as he has dated several leading ladies of the Hollywood industries even though the relationship details of his every relationship got kept inside the closet.Caption: William and Anna speaks about their character in Narnia in an interview at IGN on 22nd December 2008 The relationship is said to have lasted for around two years, and in the year 2007, they got separated.

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He adds, "I'm sure it's really good to work on a sitcom, but we won't be doing the same thing over and over again.

Neither Kelsey nor William have officially confirmed their relationship but the pictures uploaded in the Twitter account clarified the on-going love between the duo.