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Once again, those who have participated under a millennium of peace with the Messiah, even prior to the resurrection of the dead of all ages at the Great White Throne judgment, will seek again to destroy Gods people (gentile and Hebrew saints) and especially the beloved city, Zion or Jerusalem.Once again, they will seek to eradicate Gods people from the face of this earth.; horses and horsemen, all of them fully outfitted, in huge numbers of troops, all of them with shields, holding swords Get ready and prepare yourself, you and all your troops gathered around you, and who, in the distant future to the days of Ezekiel would lead an international host in a full scale assault on the restored Nation of Israel and Jerusalem at the time of the end.Over the centuries, the attempt to identify this person has been fruitless. Occurring thirteen times in the entire Ta Na Kh (Old Testament) and the Brit Hadassah (re-Newed Testament), the light of interpretation in every reference has rendered the name meaningless.It was Hal Lindsey in his Bible prophecy books who has been the proponent of the Gog-Soviet Union now Russian-Gog identity.In Hebrew, the word Rosh is translated as chief prince in Ezekiel 38:2.

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While Christianity claims to have a monopoly on prophetic interpretation of the Holy Writ that is only because we fail to investigate and research what may a far more serious scholarly study of the ancient prophets by the sages of Judaism.In the Samaritan and the Septuagint (LXX) versions of the Old Testament, Gog is translated as Agag representing the last Amalek-like leader to attack the restored Israelites to the Land of Israel.He will have the same genetic hatred as This force is held back by the angelic forces holding back the four winds of strife., we see the rival forces played out on the geo-political landscape of this globe.