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22-Sep-2019 18:55

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For anyone who came of age during the pre-cable Eighties or Nineties, it’s also perpetuation of the thrill that, if we stay up late enough, our TV set will reward us with a little raunch.

It’s certainly a point of difference with some of our European neighbours, where boobs on telly are famously used to sell virtually any product you can think of, morning, noon and night.

Each is armed with a cordless telephone that they jiggle as deftly as they do their buttocks to a tinny soundtrack of constant dance music.

“Call me,” they mouth (while everyone at home can see them, only those that call can hear them).

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And Babestation’s girls are certainly friendly, having been trained accordingly in the almost tantric art of sex talk.

“It’s that intimate connection,” one of the producers tells me.