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Take that shit off.” My wife pulled her sports bra off over her head. A bunch of viewers, knowing what was coming, wanted to rush to the end. But the tech I’d been developing had been easy to sneak out. A couple keystrokes got her dopamine receptors primed, and a couple more readied her pleasure centers.

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You said you’d pick it up.” She gestured around the living room. I pretty much lived in this room and didn’t go much of anywhere these days. I got caught up in this project.” I gestured at the laptop. Standing, she looked like a fit, adorable, and somewhat stoned nudist jogger. She giggled, scampered off to our bedroom, and returned moments later wearing a pink dog collar. And this was my wife, after all—show a little respect. And chances were pretty good, actually, that the wife they had was all right, just like mine was all right. But they also wanted the fantasy wife—the dog-collared, pink-shoed, sexually insane slut who would eagerly do whatever she was told. I returned to the laptop, scrolled through the comments.

Just those, nothing else.” My wife sat and pulled back on her footies and pink workout shoes. C’mere.” I gestured, and she leaned in so I could whisper in her ear. That suggested most of our audience consisted of older married guys-guys with a little money and a long marriage who thirsted for the fantasy wife instead of the one they had. Nails scraping on glass, light whimpers punctuated by occasional barks. Her tongue darted out, and with a moan she sloppily and completely lapped up Gunther’s cum. She collapsed, dead to everything except her own fading ecstasy. Dear Readers: The narrator is not a terribly nice man, although he thinks he is. Adam Lily * * * “Hey, you promised you’d pick up the place.” My wife, being my wife. But if you think you might enjoy a mind-controlled wife getting fucked to heaven by a black lab, then this story might be for you. Twenty-seven visitors paying for an hour-long show. I’d put half of that into my wife’s retirement account. My smart, waking wife didn’t know about the cameras and her audience, but this dumb, slurry one did.

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