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Ric knew that one day he would inherit the ranch, as had his father before him.

The trouble was that Ric didn’t know if he was cut out to be a rancher.

Ric and his parents had a lengthy wait after the Air France non-stop had arrived, until the Passengers cleared customs. thank you for having me.” Yvette then introduced the Flight Attendant to her Aunt. She stepped forward and into him, grasping his biceps in each hand. you’re quite the specimen” she said in a heavy French accent. Marge chuckled at her son’s gentlemanly gesture of opening the door for his cousin . The minute Ric heard that he came to the realization that in 15 minutes he’d determined that this girl was both driving him crazy with her mannerisms . Ric had told himself that he needed to ‘get hold of himself’. It took two trips for Ric to get everything up the stairs and on the second trip Yvette went up the stairs ahead of him with her roll-away bag. “There was this guy that worked at this shop where all of us kids hung out .

Suddenly the hallway on the other side of the glass became alive with passengers who had been disgorged from the Airbus and were clearing Customs. It seemed that surely the Airplane could not have possibly held that many passengers and Ric’s mother began to worry that her niece has somehow missed the plane. The flight attendant shook Ric's mother’s hand and told her what a pleasure it had been to fly with her niece from France and that she hoped everyone would enjoy the visit. The large muscles, honed from ranch work and athletics, did not escape her notice. and whispered in his ear; “Boy you have really grown . He didn’t know what made him do it or where he found the courage, but Ric whispered back in her ear “And looks who is talking about changing! While he was instantly smitten with Yvette’s beauty and charm . Ric’s eyes were glued to her mini-skirted ass as she sashayed up the stairs.

It was Saturday afternoon, and he had just climbed off the John Deer tractor and walked into the kitchen for a cool drink, when he overheard his parents having a very animated conversation. “Ric,” his mother began, “we received a call this morning from my sister, your Aunt Barbara, in France. ’ I guess Stephan was pale, but the redheaded woman stuck out her hand to my mother and said ‘I’m Simone .

The only thing he heard clearly was his mother pleading with his dad, “What do you want me to do . She’s having a hard time of things, personally, right now. “ “God damn it Marge” his father spat out interrupting his wife in mid-sentence, “catching your teen-aged daughter in bed with a 22 year old guy, is not a ‘little difficulty’! YOU are going to learn what ‘difficulties’ I can make for you mister! and because the girls did not like the ‘competition’.

or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . It’s taken a long time to write – while raising two precocious teen daughters and a son. I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. at least in so far as half of the girls at school threw themselves at him.

Living on the ranch, and being expected to carry his own weight, he was expected to fulfil his routine of daily chores, keep up his school work, and pursue his interest in varsity football and the Martial Arts.

His parents felt that they gave him plenty of freedom, but running a ranch did extract a lot of responsibilities.

However, these days it didn’t seem like most of his friends had defined dates; Rather, Ric would take his dad’s pickup truck into town on Friday nights (now that football season was over) and hang out with his friends at the local Dairy Queen.

There was usually a mob of kids there; some were raised on the surrounding ranches like him, and some were regular city kids whose parents had ‘real’ jobs, as Rick thought of them.

There were bigger and better things in life than working the ranch from sun up to sun down. At least now you understand why your dad think’s I’m a little French whore, Ric.” “He doesn’t think that” Ric lied.

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