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Often, the visionary who challenges it pays a heavy price for his 'heresy.' So, you have just discovered a new therapy which can eradicate any microbial disease but, so far, you and your amazing cure aren't very popular. Well, certainly the research foundations and teaching institutions would welcome news of your astounding discovery.Won't they be thrilled to learn you have a cure for the very same diseases they are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars per year to investigate? These people have mortgages to pay and families to support.If FDA and other regulatory and licensing procedures and guidelines are observed, it is your privilege to experiment with this harmless therapy.So let's now turn to the story of the most amazing medical pioneer of our century.Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888 and died in 1971.After studying at Johns Hopkins, Rife developed technology which is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.Now, assuming your amazing cure is an electronic instrument, the only cost of using it is electricity.And it is absolutely harmless to patients, who can recover without losing their hair, the family home, and their life savings.

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Rife's inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a microdissector, and a micromanipulator.

In the nineteenth century, Semmelweiss struggled mightily to convince surgeons that it was a good idea to sterilize their instruments and use sterile surgical procedures.