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The other guy helped, taking a good hold of Darren and physically pushing hard against him, forcing him onto that huge shaft.Darren gasped in pain as the cock began working it's way inside him.Ann and David Lake – Paddock Crescent Howick David Clulow – Amber Valleyenema lovers chat room [public] created by kris1952.This chat room is for those who love giving or receiving large enemas. Promote this chat room • code: • send this link: • use the buttons below to share this chat on popular social Yes you can use VSL 3 probiotics as enema as well to reach the terminal part of the colon."Mm, ohh ohh yeah, take my big cock bitch, deeeep in your belly. I said my name was Roger and that I lived nearby, and Darren said we could have fone sex if I wanted it. ' 'I have been bummed by twelve men at work sir.' 'Well it's gonna be 13 tonight boy.Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fucking your white ass boy, fucking you good. 'I'd rather have the real thing' I typed, 'or are you just a prick tease? But I want to just walk in and enter you, without you seeing my face.' 'ohhhh, I like the idea, but what if we know each other sir?If you recall, my name is Nicholas Price, I own a small printing firm in the south west of England. Frustratingly, Darren and the mystery visitor did not appear again, they remained out of shot. I could hear whispers, but not clearly enough to make much out. Then, volume at full, I could hear a whoosh and crack. 'Look at the little boy's little willy, that's fucking pathetic boy, I'll show you what a real man's fucking cock should look like, a black man's big fat cock.' He shoved his pants down and his long thick black penis dropped out, ten inches long and thick and veiny. ' they released his mouth and Darren gasped, 'Yes sir, just, please, do it, your massive cock's too big for my bare white bottom sir.' 'Shut up bitch.There is one young man in my employ, Darren, a pale, skinny young lad, twenty two years of age, who has been working late and using the office as a place to offer his bare bottom to horny men. The other man held Darren's wrists in one huge hand, and covered his mouth with the other, as his friend began pushing his bare black cock into Darrens' white bottom. Three inches, six inches, nine inches, ten, then those black hips started grinding, driving that massive tool deeep in Darren's bum. you want my cum you gotta beg for it.' "Yes sir, please please I beg you, I beg you to cum in me, please sir! " "Please my black master, please please please please pump your massive bare black man's nob in my white bottom until you cum, I beg you to spurt it all deeep in me, please master, please!

When it connects to the bidet, it needs a plain water.I got a perfect view, and it was an amazing sight to see that gigantic black nob pull out of Darren's bare bum, then ram back inside, slamming his nude hips against the desk. He lay there, used and exhausted as the two black men dressed, congratulating each other on a good fuck, then they left.They held him down and he was fucked deep and hard with that massive black dong, that huge thick thick cock. I watched cum pouring down Darren's legs as he pulled on his underpants, then his trousers, and knelt to clean up the spunk on the carpet. ' 'No, don't worry I just drove past once and remembered it.' 'Okay, in there. For people who like enemas, medical play, pretty much anything insertable. Promote this chat room • code: • send this link: • use the buttons below to share this chat on popular social networking The dam is on the Komati River and was a joint irrigation venture built in 2002 between South Africa and Swaziland.

If you want another little detour then you I bought a tin chicken feeder from Arson at his stall shiny with tin buckets, bread bins, funnels and even an enema!Darren whimpered and moaned in pain as he was buggered and I loved it, i was wanking off hard as that black stud pounded his nob in that naked bottom, bent over my desk. I have never ever seen a bottom banged so hard by such a big cock. I watched the whole tape again, I was sure the whole scene had been arranged, it was just a forced sex fantasy, but it was horny and I decided right there and then as I spunked up on the floor, I was going to fuck that little slut. Bye.' 'Ohhh sir, please, just describe yourself.' 'My name's roger, 35, dark hair, slight tummy, big penis, horny as hell, wanna turn up and bum you and go. You either want cock or not.' 'Okay, you know Cyber Copyzone? Come and knock three times, pause, then knock three times again, i'll let you in, you decide where you want me to bend over for it.The man was panting in pleasure, he wiped his brow and continued thrusting, in and out, in and out, pumping his massively big black cock. To do it, I pretended to leave work as usual, but then, parked round the corner, I used my laptop to connect to gay chat, and started chatting to Darren. Usually guys say the office, but it's up to you.' 'So how many guys fucked you in there? It went on for some time, then more muttering, and then finally I could hear a man's voice. But suddenly Darren was taken by surprise, as two men rushed in and grabbed him roughly.