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27-Dec-2019 12:25

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If you're new to the dating scene, this book will dispel so many complete lies about what women like in a man that our society has bought into for some reason. Things like "just being yourself," buying flowers, and telling her that you love her.You'll literally be shocked when you look back at all your past dating mistakes being able to pinpoint exactly how you blew it.After hearing so many women say they wanted a "nice guy", then turn around and complain about their jerk boyfriends (), he was convinced that even women themselves weren't exactly sure of what they wanted in a man.The extent into which you’ve explored this topic is worthy of a Ph D degree.These days it's definitely not easy for a guy to find dating advice that works.Several years ago, he made the decision in his life to do whatever it takes to get this whole "dating" thing down, no matter what the cost.

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An expert in psychology, communication, behavior, De Angelo developed the concepts of "Critical Moments" and "Bridges" to teach men how to Approach Women, Create Attraction and Avoid Rejection.

I’ve done everything that you’ve been teaching, and I’ve had phenomenal success in an extremely short amount of time.