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28-May-2019 10:23

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Width = 200 End If Next But it doesn't work because not all of the columns are of type Text Box.

Dear all, After controlling Datagrid Width in EDIT MODE (code as follows), I cannot control width during display. Insert in a number of places, including Load, Pre Render, Data Binding and Data Bound.

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"Sometimes I spend so much time going the wrong direction on a problem. When I click on the edit button, the content turns into textboxes so i can edit the contnet. Details View textbox does not appear in edit mode The problem I am trying to solve is I have some integer fields in database, but after retriveal in dataset/datasource become of type string.

I am not able to change this because my database is actually sharepoint and I am using sharepoint 2003 web servieces.

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Get controls ClientID/UniqueID between DetailsView and. but the event ItemUpdating will be fired when the. being fired at all? If it is then DetailsView1.… continue reading »

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