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Word Press is probably one of the best tools to publish and organize content (CMS) in the world, but a website is not only about content, it’s also about design. The Customizr theme is a tool to bring design to your Word Press content.When developing the Customizr theme, the first step has been to analyze the most frequent requests from my clients and to understand what makes a layout and design for their visitors.Ultimately, the goal of those two very different websites is to present , hoping that a visitor will stay as long as possible, and even be converted into more than a simple visitor : client, follower, recurrent visitor….The Customizr theme has been developed with some universal design principles in mind that will work on most websites,for example : The Customizr theme is the result of more than 3 years of development and improvements.You can instantly find answers with our suggested results.If you think something is missing, contact us and we'll add it.

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You can use it for commercial or non-commercial projects.This theme is responsive: it adapts nicely on any type of device (desktop, tablets, smartphones) and is compatible with all modern browsers. With the Customizr theme, your website loads fast and adapts nicely on any devices : smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.We're putting a lot of work in our documentation and we hope you'll love browsing it.Make sure to smile, too, because when you force yourself to behave in a specific manner, your brain then produces the appropriate chemicals, and the feelings become real.

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If you find that your shyness is inhibiting your ability to communicate with women, here are some useful dating tips for shy guys: 1) Take baby steps.

Everyone has a specific design need for his or her website.