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I would rather use those points to gain more damage.

The armorings should all be from the Survivor’s set bonus.

The hilt can be from either a Stalker’s main hand weapon or a Survivor’s main hand weapon.

Tank stats in 5.0 are still less than optimal compared to DPS stats, so you will only be using 3 pieces of tank gear (1 Earpiece 2 implants) and all of you other pieces of gear should be High Endurance, Low Secondary/Tertiary DPS enhancements and modifications.

Out of the three Tanks available in Pv P, Darkness has the highest single target burst as well as the most potential utility in a Pv P environment.

Essentially, when you stealth out you heal 4% of your max health for every 2 seconds you’re in stealth, for 10 seconds. But then you heal an additional 20% after you leave stealth while these stacks of Renewing Darkness are still up, so that makes this utility a 40% heal, every 1 minute 15 seconds with the Fade utility.

Do you want to actively save your teammates while dealing out some pretty good damage as well? Rating Gearing Overview I want to preface this section by saying, the gearing specifications are the ones that I personally use in Solo Ranked, Group Ranked and Regular Warzones.

I have found that this gear gives the best balance between damage mitigation as well as offensive damage output.

It allows you to set up a lot of great plays, especially when used in conjunction with Phantom Stride and Force Pull.

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Having Whirlwind as an instant cast is core to the utility of the Darkness Discipline and you are only gimping your utility as a Tank without it.Force Shroud is the bread and butter skill of this Discipline, so being able to use it more often will always be of great benefit to the specs survivability.Heroic Explanation: The most beneficial utility in this tier is Haunted Dreams.60% reduced damage while popping Force Speed is already great, but having this utility on a tank, where we gear for damage instead of mitigation is just a godsend. Some will note that I do not advocate Retaliatory Grip for tanks, despite it reflecting the full 100% damage instead of the 50% that DPS specs get.