Dating stripper

22-Dec-2019 05:25

Now I am fully aware of who will read this post as I’ve followed this blog.You may feel I am being unjust and not giving this woman a fair chance.This clearly tells me that my ex husband is , as I’ve suspected , has sex addiction or some equivalent problems.A woman who sells her body for money, cannot be a good roll model for my children.Over the next year I’d see her there periodically and we’d acknowledge each other butt hat was it.My daughter, who is eleven, told me about “Daddy’s wife”.I am not saying anything about her character, for all I know she may be a wonderful person.

I was horrified to learn she was a stripper who my husband paid a lot of money for private dances.It is quite another thing to believe that this is action is abusing your children.In the past year when you say you started noticing her and paid little attention to it because she was pleasant Stripping is not illegal, and neither is prostitution in Nevada.Their father and I did not share the same values and that lead to our downfall in our marriage.