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The term “potentially” is used because sometimes people actually do choose to install software that others would consider unwanted and even borderline malware.

PUPs, foistware, drive-bys, toolbars, and other annoying things I never wanted?

Pop up blockers were created to prevent pop up windows from happening.

Using different techniques, the blockers intercept the requests to create new browser windows and prevent them.

Malware is a kind of catchall phrase that encompasses pretty much any kind of software that could cause harm to your data or your machine.

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Most examples involve undesired toolbars, but this class of annoyance can be just about anything.That’s why some blockers are more effective than others.My theory is simply this: a URL [Uniform Resource Locator]URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.The term was probably developed by people (like me) who didn’t want to keep writing out “viruses and spyware and adware and …” when writing about current internet threats.