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20-Feb-2020 13:07

The statistics say that women cheat on men much less often than men do.But when it comes to Russian females, the percent of cheating girls is absolutely minimal.Men and women find it extremely important to have great sex if they want to build a strong emotional bond, and it actually makes sense. They just prefer to hide their passion deep inside them due to their rather pious and religious upbringing.When it comes to Russian females, people often say that these women tend to give their men the cold shoulder, which also refers to poor sex life. Active public demonstration of affection isn’t what they highly appreciate.If there are so many men looking for a Russian girl, then these girls should also be interested in finding a foreign person for marriage. The Russian Federation has a strong patriarchal influence that derives from previous centuries.However, women managed to retain their self-esteem high and become autonomous and respectful to themselves.It is time to figure out why you should choose a Russian personal as a wife.

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Obviously, love relationships may hardly maintain without healthy sex life.

Men subconsciously understand that a young and healthy-looking girl is at the peak of her fertility and able to give birth to a child without any possible problems.

Aside from that, Russian girls are flawless and extremely diversified. Therefore, girls are truly different and you can easily find the one that fits your requirements and desires.

The respect for parents and elder people, as well as absolute love for husband and children, stems from her sense of God.

Young girls in Russia are often responsible for bringing up younger siblings, which is why she from scratch learns how to properly look after children.Russian girls strive to get educated and find a profitable job to fully provide themselves and even their families.Therefore, you would meet not an impulsive girlish creature but a developed personality (even if she’s just 20-something).Likewise, female influence in the Russian family is ultimately strong: mothers tend to teach their daughters everything they know and create a great wife and perfect mother for daughter’s future family.