Dating my daughter questionnaire

28-Jul-2019 17:39

Having an outsider proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting is a good idea.We have shells of two sample resumes at the end of this post.Otherwise, the single’s contact information is left out, to be provided to a shidduch prospect if the parties agree to go out.The resume usually continues with information about the parents: names, birth place, and occupation, along with their shul affiliation and the name of the family Rav.Where the parents are directing the single’s shidduchim, the involved parent’s contact information: cell phone, home phone, and/or email address is listed next.

This makes it easier for shadchanim to understand who the single is and for parents of a single to find out more about a shidduch prospect.Below is more detailed guidance on writing the resume.Aside from the basic facts about the single, the information on the resume should be either relevant to understanding the single or helpful to make connections to facilitate investigation.The sections outlined below may be ordered differently than stated here, and there are many variations.

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Shidduch resumes begin with the single’s name, birthdate, and height.In more Yeshivish circles, the grandparents’ names and birth places are also stated.It is useful, for those circles, to also include the Yeshiva where the father learned.Parental information is followed by (or proceeded by) the single’s educational background, possibly camps (see below), and current position if s/he is working.