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Bird vigorously pushed a heady mix of laborism and state capitalism that came to be known locally as milk and water socialism.

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This state includes the tiny (by Caribbean standards) island of Redonda, which has remained uninhabited.

Antigua is an island of both volcanic origin and sedimentary rock (limestone) formation.

Its jagged coastline is over 90 miles (145 kilometers) long, producing hundreds of beautiful white sand beaches, bays, and coves. The highest point on the island rises to only 128 feet (39 meters).

The 1997 estimate by the Department of Statistics placed the population at 69,890 and projected a figure of 72,3.

These increases are the result of significant inflows of migrants from Guyana, Dominica, and the Dominican Republic.The turning point in this history of anticolonial struggle was the series of peasant/worker insurrections that occurred in the Caribbean between 19, with the latter year being the one in which Antiguan and Barbuduan workers and peasants revolted.Out of this revolt came the formation of the Antigua Trades Labor Union (ATLU) in 1939. Allen took the lead by calling the meeting at which the union was formed.Between 19, when Antigua and Barbuda achieved independence from Britain, there were at least five important sets of decolonizing constitutional changes that paved the way to national independence.