Dating approach anxiety

18-Aug-2019 02:14

This fear is not justified and lives only in our heads. The way to think about approach anxiety isn’t as an emotion of fear but as an emotion of excitement.

The example is that if someone put a gun to your head, you would probably feel fear.

So now when we know why we have approach anxiety and what kind of mindset we should have about it, it’s time to go into the technical nature of dealing with approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety isn’t something you fix overnight and you will probably have it for the rest of your life.

And we were living in tribes of around 50-150 people, going hunting together, sharing food, water and shelter.

The way to think about approach anxiety is that it’s a situation where you have a chance to excel, to succeed.

Suddenly, being beaten to death doesn’t seem that different than being expelled from the tribe. So our ancestors used to look at those situations (which definitely happened) and thought for themselves “Wow, I am not doing that ever in my life.

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